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F3nd0 wrote (edited )

Reply to comment by 365degrees in A federated raddle? by pizzaiolo

It does not conform to the definition of libre software by the FSF, which is how the term is most commonly used and understood. It may be libre by some other definition; that is likely not as widely accepted, and the statement does not hold universally true.


365degrees wrote

Good for them. Getting screwed over by business in terms of monetary compensation is worse than not getting code back, and the FSF won't admit that.


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F3nd0 wrote

As far as I know, the FSF has only endorsed PureOS, which is a distribution of GNU+Linux by Purism that ought to be entirely libre, and adhere to the FSF's criteria. (Which, I presume, it does.)

The resources you provide talk about specific laptops containing non-libre blobs, which is true, but those laptops have not been endorsed by the FSF. Endorsement of specific hardware is normally done via the Respects Your Freedom programme, which holds no mention of Purism. (Please do let me know if you find an endorsement of this kind elsewhere, though.)