What is good radical, or at least somewhat "woke", comedy?

Submitted by GrimWillow in AskRaddle (edited )

The only comedy I can think of is The Stimulator from Submedia.tv. They are consistently making me laugh, and it's all great stuff!

There's also Counterpoints. Really good stuff, can't say I agree all the time though...

I'd love to find something, because if I search anywhere it seems to shove misogyny, transphobia, or racism in my face and tell me to laugh. I end up having the opposite of a laugh inducing break from this shit.

Any other ideas? It doesn't have to be radical or Anarchist, as long as it's at least not problematic. But Anarchist and radical would be preferred.

Edit: Any kind of medium is sought after. Podcast, video, comic, poster, poetry, writing, music, anything! :)


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ziq wrote

Office Space is a good anti-work movie. The Boondocks is a great cartoon about a radical.


GrimWillow OP wrote (edited )

Mike Judge has disappointed me in the past, but I have some fond memories relating to and laughing at Office Space. Haven't seen it a while though, and I find my lens changes enough over time that I become suddenly disappointed in media I used to enjoy, I wonder how the movie might seem to me today...

Have you seen "The Office"? If so, is it worth checking out? I've heard some good things, but I never trust the mainstream.

The Boondocks I find switching between being funny, to subversive, to problematic; which ends with me wanting to watch more, but skipping whole episodes at some points..


ziq wrote (edited )

the office went on way too long, they were even supersizing (padding) the episodes for a few years because it was the only successful show on nbc. It's good at first but they ran it into the ground. Parks and Recreation was more consistent (ignore the shitty first season).

I love mike judge, king of the hill is probably my fave show of all time.


Tequila_Wolf wrote (edited )

Hasan Minhaj is a liberal, for the most part minimally shitty within that, and often enough insightful.

Oh, and Last Week Tonight with John Oliver is the same. It's even had some brilliant comedic/satiric moments.


Random_Revolutionary wrote

Youtube comedy:

  • Flea market socialist is funny.

  • "c'est ça l'histoire" is probably the funniest but it's in french.

  • Tierzoo is not radical but fun and not offensive.


surreal wrote

Standup comendy? George Carling ftw


Tequila_Wolf wrote

Oh, and Bojack Horseman. Totally recommend it. It's funny but it can also get you down, so beware.


goatman93 wrote

The late Barry Crimmins was a good pick for left comedy. He's sort of a less nihilistic George Carlin at times, and an old curmudgeon at others. Sadly he didn't leave us with much recorded material before he died earlier this year and not much of it is on Youtube. Most of it is covered in the documentary about his life, Call Me Lucky and his recent special (unfortunately filmed by Louis CK), Whatever Threatens You. He's also been an activist, here he is protesting the first Iraq war in Boston.