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throwawayj4ykz wrote

As a Muslim I'm obligated to donate at least 2.5% of my annual income (it's the 3rd pillar of Islam known as zakat), so I usually give it to some beggar on the street.


v__ wrote

I give money if i have on me. but i never give money to small kids as here they are pushed into begging by their caretakers. teenage beggers use 90%of money on sniffing glues. Elderly homeless people need support and i feel sorry for thm


anyan25 wrote

i often busk for money and clean windshields/windows in exchange for gasoline so i'm usually on the receiving end but when i have money i almost always give it away. Sometimes i'll busk with other kids who are in worse positions than i am and i'll give them my cut


snuggus wrote

Usually. I have had friends who were eventually driven to homelessness and begging so I always try and give back when I can


satchmoz wrote

If/when I carry physical currency and as long as I and anyone else I am with feel safe and comfortable in my current physical environment.

I mention that last bit as there have been times when beggars invaded my or anther's personal space or attempted unwanted body contact. It's been very rare in my life but it has happened. The vast majority of beggars I have encountered have not engaged in this behavior.


tamarack wrote

If I have spare change on me, sure. It's a nice thing to do.

One time there was a guy panhandling outside the supermarket who asked if I could spare some change. I didn't have cash on me at the time, so I said, "sorry, haven't got any, I wasn't paying with cash". As I was walking to the beer cooler though, I realized I did have one coin in my pocket -- a penny I'd found on the street earlier, which I consider good luck.

So as I'm leaving, I went up to the guy and told him the story, that I still didn't have change, but I had found a lucky penny earlier, I figured he needed it more than I did, and that I hoped it would being him good juju. He replied, "Most people don't give a brother like me that kind of thought. Thanks. Really, thanks."

I saw him a week or so later and asked him if he still has the penny. He gets a big smile on his face, pulls it out of his pocket, and says, "Yup." I ask, "Is it working?" He says, "Well, not as well as I'd like--I'm still here, right?--but yeah, I think it is." I had some cash on me at that point, so I gave him five bucks.

Haven't seen the dude since. I wonder if the penny kicked into high gear.


Blackbeard wrote

Always! I don't particularly care what the person wants to do with it. If they want to buy beer, fine. If they are going to buy food, great. What's a few bucks for me? I'd happily pass it along to somebody for whom it might make a real difference. It might help that I'm a fairly physically impossibly male, so I don't generally fear for my safety.


Cosmicsloth42 wrote

When ever I have some spare change I like to, or at least try to. It's a good thing to do and dosen't really hurt anyone any worse than Capitalism already has.


selver wrote (edited )

I do if I have spare change, but that's not too often as I don't use cash much.

But occasionally if there's someone begging outside a store/restaurant and I don't have cash I'll ask them if they want me to grab them some food, booze, whatever.


Zzzxxxyyy wrote

Sometimes. I can’t effectively give to everyone, but if it’s late and they look starving or if my gut says “yes,” I will, and enough for them to actually get a meal.


Tequila_Wolf wrote (edited )

Often. I try to budget for it, since many people come to the house I live in each day asking for money or other things or to charge their phones or store some of their stuff (it's normal in my suburb), and walking anywhere you will be asked by multiple people for money or items from the supermarket.


[deleted] wrote


Tequila_Wolf wrote

It's mostly homeless people, people in desperate situations, people who live by collecting and reselling other people's junk, people with not enough money to pay for public transport to get home.


AudibleAnarchist wrote

Sometimes if I have too much small change but not otherwise. A lot of the ones that beg around the places I frequent are making more than the average person.


edmund_the_destroyer wrote

Occasionally. But I'm always leery that the person will just get drugs or otherwise scam.

There was one street I drove past in Trenton, NJ periodically and one time there was a half-dressed guy in frigid weather holding a sign asking for money. I gave him $20, a hat, and gloves. He put the hat and gloves on. A week later I drove past the same spot and he was there with no hat and no gloves. Maybe he passed them along to some other homeless person, I don't know. But I didn't give him anything after that.


GrimWillow wrote

People get stolen from all the time on the streets. I've seen it quite often. You'd probably have a better chance of being correct if you made that assumption instead, but even better would have been to ask them about it IMO.


Pop wrote

You don't like drugs?

have you ever sold clothing to a second hand store?


tamarack wrote (edited )

Wait, you can sell clothing to second-hand stores?

I was under the impression that they took donations, then sold said donations, paid upkeep and payroll, and did charity with the rest. (Except the Salvation Army, they waste the surplus on Jesusfreakism. Fuck the Salvation Army with a rusty screwdriver.) That's the business model of all the thrift stores where I live.


Pop wrote

Depends on the store, but yes, there are places ('vintage clothing stores') where if they like your clothes they will buy them for resale, but also where I live there are street vendors who will buy clothing