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Dumai wrote (edited )

oh i do understand that, and i specifically tried to avoid bringing it into question because there was no way for me to know either way unless you said so. but if you are as devoted to dharma as you clearly seem to be then i don't see how you're "picking and choosing" and "not getting hung up on the details". there's probably a lot said and done by other practitioners of zen that you disagree with, but that'll be because of your dedication to zen as you understand it, right? it doesn't seem to be the case that you simply find some part of the tradition distasteful vis-a-vis individual attachments. you tell me if i'm wrong.


amongstclouds wrote (edited )

The only way I can word it without writing a whole novel is that my current understanding is due to my practice, but that sounds close, in that this is just my understanding.

All parts of the tradition and it's history are important but there is so much beyond just the mere words and images. It's just one part of something totally outside of rational understanding. To explain it's history and the structure is important at first. You need stability and a firm base. Then comes the point where that base has to be demolished or you are no longer being you but something else entirely.


amongstclouds wrote

To quote Linji: If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him! Meaning if you find the Buddha outside of yourself then it's not the Buddha.