Are you good at something you hate?

Submitted by mofongo in AskRaddle

I have mastered the art of patience. Capable of waiting long times without a change in attitude.

Needless to say, I hate waiting and I always have to wait. Small things, big things, doesn't matter. There's always months and years long wait time. Also this skill doesn't bode well with poor time management.


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zombie_berkman wrote

"Playing the game" at work. Back in college I 100% didn't do this and throught that I could succeed purely on my skills alone. Them I realized that its all about who's ass you kiss and who you know. It makes me want to vomit but I also like to get paid more


ArbitraryHuman wrote

Lying. For all my professed hatred of “spin-doctors,” I can be a very convincing one myself. I often feel that I need to thoroughly eradicate this trait, although at this point I might have a fairly difficult time stamping it out.


ziq wrote

Menial tasks at work, I don't stop until I get everything done, no matter how tedious.