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RosaReborn wrote

A lot of slurs are tossed around like they are nothing.

Getting a single-use coffee cup and straw EVERY SINGLE DAY!


BrownieKage wrote

in my country, babies gendered as girls get their earlobes pierced -because is "proper" for girls to wear earrings. it's done usually before they even learn to talk; parents don't want to wait a lot because they don't want to deal with the kid fighting it or protesting it. I find it profoundly dehumanizing


____deleted____ wrote

Simple; bigotry.

Commonly accepted in all forms, depending on the extent you push it.


Zzzxxxyyy wrote

Animal slavery, exploitation and murder. Environmental destruction.


fjones wrote

poverty wage slavery, accepted by most, certainly US business majors


SmellyJ0220 wrote

Bad words (like the term you just used in the tile)/Insults under the guise of "free speech".


Fossidarity wrote

What's wrong with swearing if it doesn't hurt anyone?


SmellyJ0220 wrote

I think you should favor respect even if it hurts no one.


Zzzxxxyyy wrote (edited )

If me saying the word “fuck” offends you, then you need to find new things to be fucking offended by


SmellyJ0220 wrote

You're further confirming the "socially acceptable" part of my answer.