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mofongo wrote

Around 8. My anger has become more of a tranquil fury than the exploding rage of my youth.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

Mine's more of an icy hatred than an anger. Oscillates between 5-10 throughout any day. It's growing with time.


LatenessEverDean wrote

A little of both. Never constant, frustratingly inconsistent and yet cycling through the same temptations. the rhythmic cadence is so familiar that I’m aware of myself when I’m choosing to make the wrong decision therefore I have to hold myself responsible and the only way to escape falling for that silly way of thinking is to remember not to dwell in the hate I’m feeling at the time. At least for myself it can be dangerous. I’m all for getting my bitchiness out with a fellow close friend when needed, b tho I just can’t get too wrapped up in that moment. For feelings; like mine, may return by that familiar humming I can’t help but recognize. Drawn towards my enemy that is also my comforting friend.. it’s easy to forget how or why I got to feeling so angry to begin with. It’s mesmerizing feeling two complete opposites about of my familiar temptress. One is good & the other is not.. good ish? Not perfect & can be selfish , wreckless at times but thoughtful of others. The “good thoughts” give way to successful outcomes but the BS of poor time management is he catch for me.. what is key to pattern consistency & is the creation of feelings that only come at inconsistent and unpredictable times where I never would’ve thought I would find answers. Are feelings just temporary ? That’s what many have told me in an effort to digress my reasoning of why I feel the level of anger when I do. I think feelings and thoughts and anger - they all have meaning & ultimately purpose that is quite forgiving. But if I don’t even have the patience to give A F**k when or if I get the answer I’m wanting, I many times find I am asking the wrong questions.


ziq wrote

I got a nice constant rage going, a good harmonious fuck-it-all buzz. But it occasionally elevates to a




And then back to that nice calm seething rage.


selver wrote

Generally a low constant hum of hatred. I'm not angry all the time because the pathetic state of things is so routine.

Of course it flares up when I'm personally affected.


Zzzxxxyyy wrote

I’m fine with the world. It’s the rich I won’t shed any tears for when they’re burned alive.


Cosmicsloth42 wrote

In general, maybe a 3 or 4. Sure, there are things I hate but I try to keep them from becoming all encompassing to my daily experience. I just don't think I could handle that, and it would just lead to an inevitable void of nihilistic pessimism. Now, some things really get me angry, murders by cops, the homeless being harassed, starving children. I've just got to keep in compartmentalized till its time to act.


tamarack wrote

At the world? At Our Mother, who nourishes and sustains all life? Her morals are beyond human comprehension, so it would be absurd for me to harbor anger toward Her. I can feel hurt and sad when She chooses to make me suffer in spite of my trying to be a good person, but anger? Not only is that absurd, it would be pointless anyway, since there's no productive way to make use of it. I suppose there's no point in feeling hurt or sad either, since I cannot possibly know why Our Mother does the things She does or how to convince Her to stop, so the least possible evil is simply to bear it the best I can. The First Noble Truth is "Suffering is inherent to existence." Best to get over it.

Now, if by "the world" you mean the masters, who fancy themselves superior to Our Mother and who do indeed exist as living gods among us, then you're goddamn right I'm angry. As someone else put it so eloquently, mine is an icy hatred. The most productive way to manage that emotion is to make one's whole life an act of resistance against the masters.


Dumai wrote (edited )

like an 8? for the most part it is a very managable bitterness. occasionally i have to restrain myself from calling old ex-friends and calling them racists though


ConquestOfToast wrote

It's settled into a focused fury at this point. In slowly coming out of a time when it burned everything around me (hello transition). But now I feel sharp and exact, like I've shed the bluntness. I no longer rely on my community or chosen family to get things done. I just do them. So in a way it's become liberating, but in others I fear the day it's extinguished.


RyanUnited wrote

"Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.” – Yoda


DissidentRage wrote

My anger just steadily grows. I keep a calm exterior because I am unable to express it.