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New raddler here, I just feel like a crappy accomplice to leftism/liberation, akin to "ally". All I do regarding leftism is spread ideals, and read texts whenever I can in my free time between college and dysphoric outbursts. Am I an awful person for doing so? I mainly ask this because of the recent article and I feel really bad for being powerless about spreading the word and being ridiculed for it or being too nervous to do so.



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AudibleAnarchist wrote

From what I gather from the info you gave us, you're a bit of a mess right now. Focus on fixing that before going out and trying to be a "good leftist".


Pop wrote

only you know your situation and capacities and can answer that for yourself

You definitely haven't given us enough information - you know that, and that's why you come off as completely insincere

We're not here to validate you or to judge you


Zzzxxxyyy wrote

I liked the idea of supporting her Patreon as suggested in the comments


throwawaythefash OP wrote

Sadly, I don't have much money left over after college funds take it away every fortnight. I'll see how I can make it work.


xxi wrote (edited )

TL;DR version: a sole individual can't change the world because left-wing politics require collective action and solidarity is vital in order to sustain any positive change. Don't feel bad.

Well... The line between good and bad behavior with regard to political work is blurry. On one hand, you can't save the world by yourself. On the other, the first can be used to rationalize stuff you probably could do but just choose not to do.

With that said, this is how I think when I feel like you: most left-leaning ideology, doesn't matter if you're into social democracy or anarchism, is based upon some form of principle of collective action. It's one of many things that separates leftists from neoliberals and conservatives.

The conclusion as I see is that ideally when someone drops out for any reason, there's got to be enough structure to make such unfortunate events relatively trivial, even if more hands are better than none. That's not entirely different from what McQueen seem to be asking.

So if you're sick, or something akin to that, you're in a similar situation as her. I couldn't know what she's thinking, nor do I claim to know how she reason and feel, but something tells me that she could relate to others with similar problems.

So sure, collective action requires individuals, but it also requires solidarity with the ones who have to take a step back or people who can contribute but only to extent they're allowed to by their limitations.

The myth of the "sole leftist savior" is just that, a myth. As is the thought that someone single-handedly brought about positive societal change. I'm not American and I have nothing against him, but Martin Luther King often seem to get painted in this light.

If you deem that you're unable to do more than you do now, you're most likely right. So don't feel bad.


xxi wrote

Even if McQueen's situation is something no one should have to experience.


ziq wrote




What did this woman actually do, that nazis started to hunt her? Wouldn't it be more smart, to stay anonymous as possible, when you engage against nazis? Isn't it clear, that your enemy will have an easy game, when you spread a ton of information about yourself? "Hello, my name is Ginny McQueen, here is a picture of me and this is the place where I live. I'm gonna to piss you off now, but please don't get the idea to stalk me, thanks." Off course, I don't want to play down her horrible situation, but it is kind of her own fault. And in the end, it doesn't justifies her article, to blame everybody else that she is in constant danger.


[deleted] wrote



What is wrong about, what I have said? When I'm going to piss of some nazis, I would try to keep my identity undercover. Do you remember the guy who punched Richard Spencer? Imagine he would post this on his selfmade hompage, with his name, showing his face etc. Isn't it clear that people will have no problem to find him and tear him apart?


ziq wrote

Stop victim blaming, Captain Reason.