Does raddle have any official rules banning right wing fourms and opinions?

Submitted by raddler in AskRaddle

I am currently doing a study of different fringe social media outlets, and I am wondering, does raddle actually ban alt right fourms, and generally non or anti communist/ socialist fourms, or are they allowed? I understand individual fourms have their own rules, but is there anything to prevent people from making a fourm that supports Donald Trump for example, or is it more of the whole community would downvote them enough they dont bother coming?


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kore wrote

Terms of Service

far-right ideas aren't allowed. . Further down there is a content policy and many things that are banned are characteristically part of far/alt-right ideology (e.g. white supremacy, apologizing for police)

There are many anti-communists and anti-socialists here, but that does not mean that they are on the "right." Far from it.


selver wrote

Strict site-wide moderation. They'd be banned immediately.


Skye wrote

That’s brilliant. Pleased about that. How long has this site been up and do we have karma here? I’m new and trying to get to grips with it.


ziq wrote

non or anti communist/ socialist fourms, or are they allowed?

I specifically wrote the terms of service to exclude the far right. I'm not a communist. This isn't a communist site.


ziq wrote (edited )


What sets this site apart from others is our no-tolerance policy for bigotry and reactionary ideology

I worded it this way so it would include reactionary 'communists' that engage in purity wars and witchhunts, class reductionism, and apologize for authoritarian states.