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sudo wrote

I haven't had much time to read about Juche, so I can't comment on how it stands up to other forms of socialism. Likewise regarding the DPRK government - there are so many horror stories about them that turn out to be false, that it's impossible to tell what's true. I'd basically have to visit in order to determine what life is actually like there.

Regarding their nuclear program, I do support it. They've been through a harrowing war, and the South and the US both constantly play war games on their border. I think they really do only want to use them as a war deterrent.

And, in that regard, it seems they are functioning as intended. They got the ROK to agree to peace talks for the first time in ten years, and the US is also considering joining the talks. The DPRK has said they're willing to denuclearize in exchange for a peace treaty, which might work well for South Korea, but I would not trust the US to abide by any treaties. Maybe they're just using this as a bargaining chip, and they don't really intend to denuclearize, but I don't know. I think it's in their own best interests to hang on to their nuclear weapons.