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i probably agree a lot more that i disagree because we are more alike than different but this is the small letters and the title is just what most people will see and judge.

Take the time and patience to understand someone, they will yell at you and you will yell at them, beliefs will clash and get destroyed and you will feel a stranger to yourself and what you thought you were, and that's where you win, you've changed and that is all that matters, or you stay the same old boring yesterday you and lose, bummer.



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dele_ted wrote

As long as you are able to learn from your mistakes. I read a really nice page in "Direct Struggle Against Capital" yesterday, about uniformity and diversity. I'll see if i can find it again and write some of it up here.


robottroymacclure wrote

one of the frustrating things about internet conversations is there is no context about who you are speaking to. on the other hand, i guess it levels the playing field if no one else realizes i have a colander on my head right now, but i digress, you are a chill dude surreal.


robottroymacclure wrote

yeah, i see your point. if people existed in some kind of platonic realm of ideas that would be fine but our thoughts and words are mostly rude approximations of what we are trying to communicate. its just easier to have the short hand of seeing who you are speaking to so you can judge whether or not they are sincere and approaching truthfulness or just using words to forward an agenda.


RyanUnited wrote

That's the slippery slope of the internet debate. It's all about winning at some point if a lot of people are engaged on a topic and points are being lost in the mix. Seems like the only thing you can do is make one-sided arguments without context or compassion so that your point stands out.

Seems to lead to extreme stratification of ideas that are likely not the real position of the people making the statements but have to be in order to counter opposing arguments. If that's all you see then that's all the internet looks like.

We know it's different and some of us make a conscious choice to push the envelope of this in a Kaufman-esque way of following Poe's Law.