Leftists who support Israel?!

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In my country there is a leftist tendency called "antideutsche" (anti-german) and it seems to me, that they are supporters of Israel. What is the reason for supporting Israel from a leftist standpoint? It is confusing for me, because I thought that Israel is nothing more than a henchman of US imperialism?!

Thank you for your answer in advance!



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Dumai wrote (edited )

zionism actually does have a history within radical politics; many early zionists were active in the european left and israel was founded as a purportedly socialist state. the second wave of jewish immigration to palestine was dominated by communal agrarian settlements called kibbutzim, many of which still exist now although they've largely been privatised. none of that is a reason to support zionism here and now obviously but you won't ever understand the history of early zionism if you don't come to know this


Tequila_Wolf wrote

I have had it explained to me that they are trying to overcompensate for their complicity in the genocide of jews under nazism by supporting zionism.


el3ctron wrote (edited )

you must know that on Israel beginning over Palestine land, there was a socialist comunities called kibutz, they organize people and economic production, and build that post-war "new Israel" over its bases. That was the "happy beginning", the construcction of one country who rise after nazi extermination, but saddly after having economic properity, Israel turns to an ultra - right model goverment, and now sounds logical a question like you do on this post. So... Leftists who support Israel? yes, but first, lets talk first over a context, actual Israel only deserve shame.