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leftous OP wrote (edited )

(CW since my post deals with pedophilia/child abuse)

I think the greatest conspiracy is an "open secret" - which is the widespread pedophilia among the elites, and how it is being ingrained and normalized into the general population.

The widespread sexualization of children, fetishization of innocence, incestuous and loli porn, etc that's pretty mainstream in media is very disturbing. There is also the "Elsagate" phenomenon on youtube which seeks to expose kids to certain sexual, and disturbing/adult themes to groom them. It is to the point that it's hard for me to watch a lot of shit without getting disgusted or upset by it. I tried watching the horror movie IT, and had to stop early because I got creeped the fuck out by the sexual light they were presenting the child actors in.

The grooming and abuse of children has been going on for a long time among the elite and especially those in Hollywood. In the whole #metoo scandal, very little attention or scrutiny has fallen upon the child abusers and most have yet to be outed. Ultimately this still has ties to capitalism because it is able to be covered up with money, power, and promises of fame.

It's very maddening that it's going on without people being able to do anything, and only seems to be becoming more widespread. :/


mofongo wrote (edited )

There was a post on /r/conspiracy back when it was not shit that showed with evidence, investigators and at least one victim of the incestuous sex parties in England and US, and weaker evidence to similar activities in other countries. And how independent investigation of it have been stopped.

Found it, content warning:


seitanicqueer98 wrote

fuck me i should never have opened that pandora's box. i just spent the last 2 hours reading the top posts on r/elsagate and then, to make it worse, the linked dossier of the Dutroux Affair from the r/conspiracy post. those fucking photos are burned into my brain forever now. fuck everything. the last time i had this kind of crisis was when i was like 14 and learned about Junko Furutu. i really cant process this.


mofongo wrote

IT the original or the 2017? I haven't watch either so I don't know what you mean.


leftous OP wrote

I was referring to the new one. I was also watching it with a friend of mine who is a survivor of child abuse and the overt sexualization of the child actors (specifically Sophia Lillis) disturbed them into stunned silence. There were numerous scenes with suggestive content not even halfway through.

I'm seriously surprised there was no outcry about it, but I guess many people are desensitized to it now.


EVENNN wrote

Hey, it's a while since I watched that film, but wasn't the sexualisation intentional in order to make you uncomfortable? Like the really creepy shop owner who flirts with Beverly etc. I thought that it was there just as another way to make the veiwer creeped out, it is a horror film after all.


leftous OP wrote

I see what you mean and I do realize it was trying to remain true to the source material. But it wasn't just that one instance. There is a line between outlining the horrors of pedophilia, and engaging in it.

I recommend you watch it again with this in mind, and you will see there was quite a few scenes early on where the movie is unnecessarily sexualizing the kids (even getting shots of their body).

I personally don't think there's any excuse for that, and even worse this is the toned down version where originally the horrible sexualization was more explicit.


NeoliberalismKills wrote

Equating the violence of the oppressor with the oppressed.


leftous OP wrote

Not just equating, but defining the oppressed by the violence that is being inflicted upon them as the liberal media has a habit of doing.


sudo wrote

I don't know if it's the biggest, but the length to which the "Church" of Scientology blackmails its disgruntled members probably qualifies. They are reports of them kidnapping and torturing certain people, and the police have done just about nothing about it. It's fucked up.


Shittles wrote

Human belief systems that allow us to derive vicarious, illusory or even actual profit from our participation, at the expense of ourselves, others or the planet.

Examples - Professional Religion. Professional Sports. Theatrical sports like fake wrestling, arena psychics, professional politicians, self-help 'gurus' and multi-level marketing schemes. Capitalism fits in neatly as well.

In other words, anything that we really wouldn't give a moments thought if we really had our shit together. I feel justified tossing all this stuff in one basket simply because the hucksters who perpetrate these frauds often jump at will from one field of scamology to another. Porn stars and predator capitalists become politicians, pro athletes start MLMs or become politicians, and once in a while almost anyone might hit their head on the coffee table and decide they have seen god and that you should pay till it hurts just to hear all about it.

When someday an alien shipload of archaeologists arrive on what's left of our planet and take the trouble to dig into our culture, they might wind up discussing a lot of things they discover about us but I guarantee they will spend a lot of time marveling at how much time -we- spent fooling, cheating, impressing, bullshitting, preying on or otherwise spinning each other round while emptying the victims pockets. Do you suppose every race does this? I sometimes wonder if we might be at least a little unusual in this. Time will tell, but it probably won't tell us.


Pop wrote (edited )

Capitalism's invisibilised limbs; colonialism


thelegendarybirdmonster wrote

milk = calcium

afaik there is more calcium in brocoli and other greens. Also in reality milk decreases the amount of calcium your body absorbs, something to do with the vitamins that help calcium absorbtion.


leftous OP wrote (edited )

That is highly marketed and pushed. Milk = White, Bones = White, therefore Milk = Healthy Bones.

But I am curious where you're getting that info (the 2nd part) since I've never heard it.


Random_Revolutionary wrote has a video on the link between calcium and milk and another one on how to get your calcium. I'm on mobile so linking is difficult but you can find what you want easily, the site is well designed.