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EVENNN wrote

Hey, it's a while since I watched that film, but wasn't the sexualisation intentional in order to make you uncomfortable? Like the really creepy shop owner who flirts with Beverly etc. I thought that it was there just as another way to make the veiwer creeped out, it is a horror film after all.


leftous OP wrote

I see what you mean and I do realize it was trying to remain true to the source material. But it wasn't just that one instance. There is a line between outlining the horrors of pedophilia, and engaging in it.

I recommend you watch it again with this in mind, and you will see there was quite a few scenes early on where the movie is unnecessarily sexualizing the kids (even getting shots of their body).

I personally don't think there's any excuse for that, and even worse this is the toned down version where originally the horrible sexualization was more explicit.