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Shittles wrote

Human belief systems that allow us to derive vicarious, illusory or even actual profit from our participation, at the expense of ourselves, others or the planet.

Examples - Professional Religion. Professional Sports. Theatrical sports like fake wrestling, arena psychics, professional politicians, self-help 'gurus' and multi-level marketing schemes. Capitalism fits in neatly as well.

In other words, anything that we really wouldn't give a moments thought if we really had our shit together. I feel justified tossing all this stuff in one basket simply because the hucksters who perpetrate these frauds often jump at will from one field of scamology to another. Porn stars and predator capitalists become politicians, pro athletes start MLMs or become politicians, and once in a while almost anyone might hit their head on the coffee table and decide they have seen god and that you should pay till it hurts just to hear all about it.

When someday an alien shipload of archaeologists arrive on what's left of our planet and take the trouble to dig into our culture, they might wind up discussing a lot of things they discover about us but I guarantee they will spend a lot of time marveling at how much time -we- spent fooling, cheating, impressing, bullshitting, preying on or otherwise spinning each other round while emptying the victims pockets. Do you suppose every race does this? I sometimes wonder if we might be at least a little unusual in this. Time will tell, but it probably won't tell us.