What's daytime TV like in your country?

Submitted by Cartoon_Cat in AskRaddle

I recently found myself unemployed and although like many people now I don't really watch TV, but I've flicked it on a few times during the day and was pretty shocked at what's on offer.

I'm in the UK, and daytime TV consists of people screaming at each other and fighting, shows about cops arresting people, shows like "can't pay? we'll take it away!" where people in poverty who miss payments are robbed by more people in poverty, and then there's TV aimed at retirees like simple gameshows and cash in the attic (which is really just elderly people flipping their heirlooms to survive retirement, items that clearly increase in value over time too).

Don't even get me started on the adverts, it's PPI this and payday loan that. Adverts for phone apps that help you sell your belongings, people that will buy your car dirt cheap - one was even quite open in stating "you'll get less money with us, but you'll get the money quicker".

Get a loan that you can't afford, if you can't pay it back sell your shit, when you run out of shit and miss a payment you'll get harassed, and if you attempt to break the law the cops will get you because they're framed as all-knowing, high-tech, unstoppable enforcers. Always footage of an out-of-shape cop crushing a teenager then searching him to find less than half a gram of cannabis or a minuscule bag of white powder and arresting him. Then you get the smug perspective of the cops and no interest is shown for the story of the people locked up.

It's across most channels, not just one or two, it includes BBC channels who obviously have the choice of running repeats of decent programming.

Worth mentioning that I'm talking about 'free' TV, nothing subscription-based. Is it similar in other countries?


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mofongo wrote

I'm in DR, and I have avoided my country's daytime TV since childhood, night time too. It's mostly varieties shows with young, voluptuous hardly dressed women dance or flirt with the middle age or older presenter, full of bad and badly told jokes.

There's also the political shows, on which they read the newspaper and comment on the news or whatever is currently happening.


Cartoon_Cat wrote

Oh yeah the news is a real killjoy - I recently lived with a woman in her 60s that would ritualistically consume the news over breakfast and I could see it making her anxious and upset. I asked her once why she started her day like that and she said she liked to 'know what was going on' so she could chat to others about it at work.

My mum is just as bad, but with the evening news - I've tried explaining that she's letting other people decide what she pays attention to and how it is framed, but she feels she is intelligent enough to not be manipulated. I'm certain that believing you cannot be manipulated makes you even more vulnerable to manipulation.

The worst crime is the bad jokes IMO. Suggestive comments that are clearly scripted and the punchline is pulling a face at the camera.


ChaosRocket wrote

I haven’t watched daytime TV in many years- currently I don’t even have the ability to, since I just use streaming services and can’t get network channels- but the last time I watched daytime TV in the US it was pretty much exactly what you describe. Plus soap operas.