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kore wrote

I mean, the responsible thing to do would have it redirect to an anti-capitalist site or the communist manifesto or something. Or, y'know, deepfake porn w/ Republicans.


____deleted____ wrote

deepfake porn w/ Republicans

this sounds amazing but also violates the usual deepfake ethical concerns


zombie_berkman wrote

No such thing as ethical consumption under capitalism. Now show me the Reagans fisting each other


RosaReborn wrote

No ethical consumption besides homophobic Republicans eating ass. That's one of those things I don't want to see but am glad to know it exists


ChaosRocket wrote

I don’t really post to Instagram, so my entire Instagram is just a meme of a candy heart with the words “eating ass is the only ethical consumption under capitalism.”


tamarack wrote

Deepfakery is only unethical when used against human beings.

Anyone who is capable of getting themselves elected to office shed their humanity a long time ago, therefore they needn't factor into ethical considerations.


sudo wrote

This is a good idea, but I'd take it a step further and disguise communist views as republican ones, if that's possible.


gen3 wrote

Host a Mastodon instance or donate it to someone that has one. Maybe donate it the fine folks over at have people using it for the DDNS.


dele_ted wrote

Make it a fake news page, with quotes and news from fascist politicians, but make them say something obviously anti-fascist and pro-anarchist. With a bit of luck at least a few idiots would eat up every last bit of it.