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disfalo wrote

can you imagine growing your own food and using a coal/wood stove?

Yes, I can imagine that. It seems perfectly reasonable for me, though I don't need a stove where I live now.

We're just used to having this convenience at our fingertips.

What's it convenient for? I'm not used to that, and non-human animals and most people from poor countries, small tribes or communities aren't either. I just don't can't see why would that make my life better or bring more happiness to my life. In fact, I would have to work more (exploited workers in Asia and other places too) time to have one of those, ending with the little privacy and software and hardware freedom I can have in this dystopia, handing more power to oppressors and bringing yet more hierarchy to the world.


MhikeiMPC wrote

in this day and age, you need a phone for a lot of things. What worked back then/in developing countries does not work now/in developed countries. we have different technologies, different ways of life.