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[deleted] wrote


ConnieCommie wrote

"i'm not anprim but tech is bad and spooky we live in a society"


dele_ted wrote

You're conjuring political enemies out of nothing, just to have an excuse for throwing crap after an-prims. Fuck off.


ConnieCommie wrote

kiddo, you're suggestions for movies are literally v for vandetta and the matrix. you're literally a gang weed nerd


GaldraChevaliere wrote

You know The Matrix was a metaphor for transness and isolation from society and reality, right?

Also, you should probably actually read V. The graphic novel is a hell of a lot more complex than REMEMBER REMEMBER.


dele_ted wrote (edited )

Those are good movies with a radical theme. Did you go through several months of post and comment history to find that?

e: That's not how "literally" works.