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bel793 wrote

Relaxing, euphorising, energizing

Moreso it's legal (in the EU) and doesn't kill you like cigs do

Only downside is that it'll make you hemorrhage money because of how much it costs


selver wrote

I'm not exactly the best with money, but I haven't found it to be all that expensive. The regular price on the site I use is $140CAD for 1KG, which lasts me forever (and I got it on sale). Like, I spent that much once, it's like 6 months later and I'm not even halfway through. Pales in comparison to how much alcohol is here.

But I'm sure it depends on where you live and whether you get it from a head shop or a site.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

Is it hard to grow your own?


bel793 wrote

It's sort of hard, since the plant's tropical you'll probably need some indoors installation, and since it's a small tree that's a bit of a pain >_>

But it's definitely worth it imo, and if you can actually grow it outdoors that's even better, I'll certainly give it a go here in Southern France


bel793 wrote

tbh, I sort of over exagerated the cost, surely you can't grow it easily like weed, but it's infact cheaper than tobacco (if you smoke a lot) and the same for illegal weed which costs a lot