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jadedctrl wrote

Yea, I think so. IMO, consequences always determine if an action was right or wrong. Of course, when deciding what to do, you probably should abstain from doing anything too terrible for what you predict to be the greater good— our judgement is flawed. But you know, we can only try our best.


SouthsideGrackles wrote

Does ends mean the result or the purpose? I can see an argument for the result justifying the means, but not the purpose. What people's goals are doesn't matter at all. What matters is what they do and what happens. Like look at Lenin. His purpose was communism, but the means he chose didn't have that result. Ironically in an attempt to accomplish his purpose he chose means which resulted in the opposite.


raindropq wrote

how could a result or the End, justify ? isn't the Goal (anarcha-communism, Love or Wildness) an abstract concept with no inherent power? while Purpose is perhaps synonymous with the process of actual meaning. I don't know enough about Lenin's chosen means but, he was a politician and dictator . i don't think communism was his actual purpose.


jadedctrl wrote (edited )

Ends means result or purpose, depending on context. When looking objectively at something that's said and done, it's looking at the result. When you're trying to decide the proper course of action, it means what you predict— your purpose. Everyone's judgment is flawed (like Lenin's). All we can do, really, is cautiously act on our judgment while trying as we can to keep it grounded in reality.