Searching /f/MEGAlinks effectively

Submitted by gen3 in AskRaddle (edited )

/f/MEGAlinks mentions using duckduckgo to search for posts on the sub. This however doesn't work most of the times. Examples of techniques I have tried... site:raddle.me "[DOCUMENTARY]" voyage to get ----> https://raddle.me/f/MEGAlinks/27714/documentary-voyage-in-time-1983-a-k-a-tempo-di-viaggio

But no luck, any suggestions?

Edit: Thanks for all your suggestions. Comment by /u/Slick works best for me. Op on megalinks needs to update the sidebar.


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Slick wrote (edited )

site:raddle.me/f/MEGAlinks intitle:[movie]

Use the intitle: to search for webpage's title. intext: also works well. You can narrow down site: to specific parameter. You can also quote queries for specific response like this:

site:raddle.me/f/MEGAlinks intitle:"[movie]"

Using Boolean operators OR or AND:

site:raddle.me/f/MEGAlinks intitle:"[movie]" OR intext:"1080"

DDG works effectively with these dorks.


sand wrote

try searx or startpage/ixquick


Tequila_Wolf wrote

Google is better because you can search by forum, by saying

site:raddle.me/f/MEGAlinks [search terms]

Might help.


gen3 wrote

I would like to avoid google for obvious reasons. But ill keep this in mind.