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braketheboxes wrote (edited )

I would say informed, weary, cautious and a little paranoid. Complacency is the biggest enemy when it comes to opsec.

The grugq on operational security

It is a fact that corporations have dossiers on a large number of the people on the planet. Facebook and google being the two largest.

Then we have the "intelligence agencies" who have tapped the backbone cables of the internet that run underseas and also hacked the phone networks.

So we know we are being watched all the time.

Press freedom is gradually becoming less free

The media is many countries also seems to be concentrated in the hands of a few.

The same for the wealth in the hands of a few people or corporations.

Their is a trend of increased militarism of the police with the technology tested and perfected in the "3rd world" being used on citizens in the rest of the world also.

I have seen first hand the police harassing and intimidating peaceful protesters and politicians on the left. They are there to protect those in power

The more revenge terror attacks that happen in the west the more "freedoms" will be curtailed. The shift to a cashless society too will make things even harder as it forces one to depend on the capitalist system. Speak out and we disable your card and you can't buy food. You can't buy a "subversive" book because your card will be disabled. China is doing this type of thing today with their social credit system.

You see people who can't wait to get rid of cash because of the inconvenience. If you don't want to carry lots of change then give it to a homeless person and make a positive change to their day and yours. This is why bitcoin and similar initiatives are so important as they offer a way to not depend on their system.

I feel like a frog in the boiling pot except a large number of frogs seem to be oblivious to the gradual increase in temperature.