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leftous wrote

Paranoid enough that I won't answer this question truthfully


NeoliberalismKills wrote

'Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't after you.'

Given governments long history of oppressing leftist movements I cannot say it's paranoai thinking you're probably on a watch list somewhere. Hoping you're not in a no fly list if you need travel.

But I don't buy conspiracy theories either. Like vaccines and autism and chemtrails. No one gains anything intentionally causing autism and the government's propaganda machine is more than enough it doesn't need to drug us into compliance.


nijntje wrote

on a watch list

iirc that could be done as easily as looking into linux, if you visited some websites you were put on nsa's naughty list.


robottroymacclure wrote

i spend too much time worrying to be paranoid. besides paranoia requires a certain level of narcissism i dont have time for since i am an adult. on the other hand i have friends who are American citizens that have had trouble getting back into the country after vacationing due to their history of leftist political organizing.


_ziq_ wrote (edited )

Paranoid enough that I'll ditch my car and walk miles in the back streets if I think cops are following me.


AngryData wrote

Paranoid enough to block all scripts and cookies by default, paranoid enough to not own or use a smart phone, paranoid enough to avoid photography which inevitable ends up online.

Not paranoid for tinfoil hats but a lot of conspiracies do have elements of truth, as evident by nearly every government in history doing illegal and immoral testing on its civilians unknowingly and fully admitting they did so in the fairly recent past. (Oh but not today! Of course not! How ridiculous would we be to think a bunch of morally bankrupt and corrupt as fuck politicians, bureaucrats and authoritarian nutjobs would violate our rights willy nilly?!)


[deleted] wrote


[deleted] wrote (edited )


braketheboxes wrote (edited )

I would say informed, weary, cautious and a little paranoid. Complacency is the biggest enemy when it comes to opsec.

The grugq on operational security

It is a fact that corporations have dossiers on a large number of the people on the planet. Facebook and google being the two largest.

Then we have the "intelligence agencies" who have tapped the backbone cables of the internet that run underseas and also hacked the phone networks.

So we know we are being watched all the time.

Press freedom is gradually becoming less free

The media is many countries also seems to be concentrated in the hands of a few.

The same for the wealth in the hands of a few people or corporations.

Their is a trend of increased militarism of the police with the technology tested and perfected in the "3rd world" being used on citizens in the rest of the world also.

I have seen first hand the police harassing and intimidating peaceful protesters and politicians on the left. They are there to protect those in power

The more revenge terror attacks that happen in the west the more "freedoms" will be curtailed. The shift to a cashless society too will make things even harder as it forces one to depend on the capitalist system. Speak out and we disable your card and you can't buy food. You can't buy a "subversive" book because your card will be disabled. China is doing this type of thing today with their social credit system.

You see people who can't wait to get rid of cash because of the inconvenience. If you don't want to carry lots of change then give it to a homeless person and make a positive change to their day and yours. This is why bitcoin and similar initiatives are so important as they offer a way to not depend on their system.

I feel like a frog in the boiling pot except a large number of frogs seem to be oblivious to the gradual increase in temperature.


pavlichenko wrote

Paranoia is an instinct or thought process believed to be heavily influenced by anxiety or fear, often to the point of delusion and irrationality. Is that what you are asking about?


AresUII wrote

More of my ISP than my government, really.


raindropq wrote

if i knew how paranoid i am i wouldn't be paranoid , and what fun would that be!

but i got the Tor now so, that might help some!


____deleted____ wrote

Very paranoid. It's relatively easy to gain my trust to some extent, but there are borders to which I trust nobody and nothing.

I also go through conspiracy theories to an extent; not the big, dumb ones, but plenty other ones.


robottroymacclure wrote

also, remember that willful ineptitude is indistinguishable from malice. consider all the asshats you know and wonder what happens when their powers combine. maybe your paranoia is justified after all


Slick wrote

It certainly feels strange and scary sometime to be on several watchlists of governments. Between getting snuffed by this or the next government any given time I'm pretty stoked. Still, I live a pretty care free despise seldom paranoia.