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fuckreddit wrote

what do you think?


leftous wrote (edited )

I have a few thoughts:

  • You're into proofreading - a fuckr who eddits
  • You're a fuckr named Eddi T (very chic, very gender neutral)
  • You're promoting the fucking of an alien (New AskRaddle: Is this bestiality?)
  • You really hate a shitty corporate honeypot that enables fascist clowns

WhereIsMyFreeStuff wrote

I was originally I'mJustHereForFreeStuff (something like that), because I'm a lazy socialist who just wants handouts obviously.


selver wrote

Character from Le Guin's The Word for World is Forest.


indi wrote

I actually assumed so, but thought that was too unlikely! Awesome choice.


robottroymacclure wrote

i was thinking about a post apocalyptic version of Springfield where a robot Troy Mcclure is your tour guide. Ive been playing too many video games lately.


cleverusername wrote

I chose a random one made with a bunch of letters, numbers, and punctuation. Then I realized nobody would probably ever recognize my name, so building any form of anonymous relationship was impossible. I then chose a more clever username.


mofongo wrote

A very delicious dish made of fried green plantain. I was hungry I guess.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

Looks tasty.

Plantain isn't super available where I live but I like it. I've only ever had it fried in pieces that you eat on your own though, I'm not sure how it'd really make up a meal with other things.


TeoKajLibroj wrote

There's nothing I like more than reading a good book with a nice cup of tea. I also really like Esperanto, so my name is Teo kaj Libroj, which is Esperanto for Tea and Books.


braketheboxes wrote

Preach it :) . I particularly enjoy it also when it is also sunny out and the birds are chirping in the garden.


Fossidarity wrote

It's a combination of FOSS (Free & Open Source Software) and Solidarity because I believe the former is a form of the latter.


boringskip wrote

I like SCP stories


Ant wrote (edited )

TIL what SCP is

What does 'boringskip' have to do with SCP though?

also, I'm surprised we don't have a f/TIL


snuggus wrote

An inside joke of sorts among my family. It's our word we use to refer to a person's philtrum (that dip in your upper lip)


dele_ted wrote

I was 14 and thought the word "Instilled" sounded pretty neat backwards when taking a nice long shower. Still using it everywhere to this day.


DaisyDisaster wrote

It was Bunny_Bop before I forgot my password. >_>

I just like alliteration. This was the first thing that came to mind.


ziq wrote

Just popped in my head when I needed a username during the testing phase of this site.


Tux18 wrote

Protagonist of 'Operation Mindcrime'. A concept album from a proto-prog metal band called Queensryche.


tamarack wrote

The tamarack, also called the larch, is a tree that lives in the same woods I do. Its wood is extremely strong, but also very flexible, which makes it a great choice for making snowshoes out of. In fact, the name comes from the Algonquian language and means "wood for making snowshoes". Weirdly enough, they're deciduous conifers -- they have needles for leaves, but they lose them in the winter!

Tamaracks are really hardy trees. They can survive in very poor soil, like the kind you find in peat bogs. They can withstand temperatures of -60°. Unless you cut one down to use the wood (make sure you ask for forgiveness first and plant three new trees afterwards!), they're fuckin' hard to kill.

The tamarack offers us a metaphor for a good way to live. Be tough yet flexible. Go where others haven't got the guts to tread. Be brave, be a pioneer; and don't be afraid to shed away things that aren't useful to you anymore.


sand wrote

cool. thanks for sharing. sounds like a beautiful tree. i gotta learn me some tree names now


tamarack wrote

See if there's a Peterson Field Guide for the area where you live. IIRC they have ones for both Eastern and Western Forests, Atlantic and Pacific Seashores, and (I think) the Gulf Coast.


braketheboxes wrote

Breaking the conditioning of the mind that boxes one in. Such as nationalism, culture, "occupations", names, religion, "education", "the self" and so on. All of it conditions a person to think a certain way and prevents you from seeing things as they are. Instead one sees their conditioned viewpoint of the thing, which is a bias or prejudice.


frostycakes wrote

Nickname of mine from when I was playing football as a kid, one of my teammates always called me this, so it stuck as my go-to user name.