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zombie_berkman wrote

I haven't talked to mine in 2 years when my mom said some shit about my gf being a Jew and my dad tried to fight me defending her. After I dropped his ass for trying to choke me he called the cops like a fucking coward.


red_pepper wrote

Haven't spoken to my mom for a decade. She spent most of my teenaged years neglecting me and then gaslighting me about it, and when her boyfriend tried to stab a fork through my hand and she made excuses for him I knew it was time to go.


Dumai wrote (edited )

distance. this can be difficult depending on your age and economic status but its the only way i can bear to speak to my mother now.


selver wrote (edited )

It took moving out of my house, and not seeing my parents much for a few years to become friendly with them. Distance is the most important. I think that me avoiding them for a while made my dad reconsider being an asshole all the time. We're friendly enough now that they have no control over my life.


hotcool wrote

Distance and limited contact. I try to be polite at all times, but ever since I figured out their pattern of manipulation I have enforced my boundaries.


AudibleAnarchist wrote

r/raisedbynarcassists is a place you should check out. It's a really supportive community.