Praxis with Social Anxiety Disorder

Submitted by DaisyDisaster in AskRaddle

I don't get to do much radical praxis because of my social anxiety disorder, which can be severe enough at times that I have trouble functioning. What are some ways to do praxis that involve minimal contact with people?



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Dumai wrote (edited )

this reminds me - one of my least favourite things about left wing spaces is the amount of shaming towards people who don't "walk the walk". not everyone has the time and emotional resources to devote to activism, especially if they're poor or mentally ill


leftous wrote

Coding skills - develop free software, anarchist or security projects

Make Zines, pamphlets, or articles => /f/Zines_and_Publications

Make and post posters around town e.g. calling out police brutality or advertising Raddle

Work with mutual aid projects like FNB where you can be delivering supplies, goods, or preparing food with minimal social contact


selver wrote (edited )

You can still get involved in organizations too. In my experience there's always work to be done that doesn't require much social interaction. Postering, cooking, writing, etc.


DaisyDisaster OP wrote

That's true. I'll see if I can find any groups that need some similar work done. Thanks!


GaldraChevaliere wrote

Are you good with specific people? Or is it a general thing? For me I'm confident with friends or alone with someone, but I freeze up and get intimidated real easy by strangers or acquaintances. You could try doing shit with a single person and see how you mesh as a team.


DaisyDisaster OP wrote

I'm better with individuals. I tend to get lost in groups because I'm quiet. I could see if there are any leftists here and see what we could make happen as a couple. Thanks!


Pop wrote

put together a cool zine around praxis for socially anxious people

maybe exclude the medical language