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jadedctrl wrote

Check e-mail. Refresh Raddle. Check XMPP and IRC. Refresh Raddle. Work on something. Refresh Raddle. Maybe check Murga-Linux forum or Pocket, but usually not.

It feels kind of lame, how regular and consistent I am with this routine. The Internet is so vast, but I'm always on the same four or five sites!


ziq wrote (edited )

Wake up. Check raddle. Drive to work. Check raddle. Drive. Stand in long lines at banks and other places for work while posting links to raddle. Drive. Eat at work while posting more links to raddle. Work. Work. Work. Drive home. Feed cats. Garden work. Walk dogs. Feed dogs. Eat. Check raddle. Watch TV or work on a project. Go to bed. Check raddle. Sleep.


leftous wrote

Browse Raddle, Troll rightwing redditors, read some articles, browse my RSS feed, research my projects, fail to come up with OC memes, and chat with friends. I mix work in throughout the day.

My entire online routine gets thrown off if I haven't made a Trumpster rage by lunch.


red_pepper wrote

Get on Matrix and IRC, and then bounce aroung between Raddle and various forums where I read fanfiction.


riccardo wrote (edited )

The first thing I do when I arrive at the officie is checking my Reddit and GitHub notifications.

Then, the rest of the day is a constant lurk between Reddit, Raddle, HackerNews. And some Telegram/Riot chatting.

Plus some YouTube in the evening, usually


AresUII wrote

Reddit, Raddle, Discord, Danbooru, loop.

YouTube and schoolwork sprinkled in at random.

2 PM is Mueller time, leading into Reddit.

8 PM is mail time, leading into schoolwork.