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DaisyDisaster wrote

Uh, slut shaming makes you a bigot towards women. Being a bigot to get under a bigot's skin is counterproductive.


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Dumai wrote

If someone calls you a slut and you feel shame, that shame is your choice. The person who called you names is not responsible for how you react to them.

how do you feel about racial slurs

i think i can already predict your answer

anyway no matter how somebody responds to this kind of insult, positively or negatively, it doesn't change the fact you are sexualising them against their will, which uh, is pretty shit

Anyway if you remember the made up situation we were talking about, no one was actually saying that any thing that an actual woman had done was slutty or shameful. It was a made up construct about a person's mom.

as if your mom jokes don't rely on the same old misogynist tropes that are used to attack and harass actual women