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BrownieKage wrote

I eat whatever food I feel like eating, no matter the time of the day. so I may be having rice and chickpeas for breakfast and pancakes for lunch. my only rule is that the general diet has to be varied


leftous wrote

Not proofreading my comments before I post them. This usually means pretty much every post I make needs to be edited after the fact for spelling, grammar, or clarity.


infinitesunrise wrote (edited )

I've been yelled at by trolls on Reddit before for 'trying to gaslight them' by editing my post for spelling and clarity. Them: "You know I can see the asterisk on your post that says you edited it, right? You're not fooling anybody" Me: "Oh cool I didn't even know that asterisk was a thing, thanks I guess?" Meanwhile I'm literally just correcting my grammar. Outed!


selver wrote

I don't know if I'd say proud, but my drug habits have been working pretty well for me lately.


GaldraChevaliere wrote

I have a super unpredictable sleep schedule and because of it I've learned to take advantage of the small hours to get things done I'd ordinarily put off.


ziq wrote

Raiding cardboard recycling stacks to get biomass for planting trees over.


nijntje wrote

...this sounds interesting... got a link or a guide to something like this? how does it work, do you need to compost the cardboard for a while first? is it feasible in an apartment setting?


ziq wrote

Look up lasagne gardening. You don't need to compost them, but you do need to soak them first.


GrimWillow wrote

Smokin pot! I feel extra smug about it every time I do.


mafalda wrote

Only bad to my parents :( but idgaf


GrimWillow wrote

Yea, I only see it as bad because:

  • Sometimes my habit entices me to buy when available, which probably ends up giving money to shitty people doing shitty things...
  • The carbon in my lungs
  • Too much tolerance forces me to spend more
  • Lots of people still dislike it, or think it's sketchy