Has anyone here heard of the new MH370 conspiracy theory? And if so, what is your opinion on it?

Submitted by Garbo in AskRaddle (edited )

For anyone who does know, for some reason, there's a wild crazy conspiracy surrounding Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, a black box, and a video of a coded voicemail with a series of numbers with a rather uh disturbing (?) translation.

I don't have much of an opinion on it myself. Just curious what you lot think. I was also tempted to post this in the conspiracy sub but I figured it would be better here for some inquiry.



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tamarack wrote

When considering any possible conspiracy, we must apply Occam's Razor, namely that the simpler explanation for a thing is more likely to be correct.

In this case, we are presented with two theories:

  1. The recent solar flare caused such strange and precise ionospheric disruption--just like in that one movie which I forget the name of--that it caused signals from MH370's black box to leave a voicemail on someone's mobile phone with a fucking creepy-ass message about aliens.

  2. The whole thing is an elaborate hoax perpetrated by the supposed discoverer of the message, because they have no prospect of gainful employment and have thus concluded that internet fame is the only remaining way to keep themselves sheltered and fed.

As much as I would love for there to be aliens, #2 is more likely by far.


dele_ted wrote

The way these "clues" were written makes it seem very much like someone is just trying to make a fuss (and they are surprisingly bad at it). Backwards text, sound played backwards, ASCII85 encoded messages - all the old tricks in the "look, I'm a cryptographist and i have an important message" book have been used. If somebody wanted to share an important message they would write it in absolute clear text, no doubt. If they wanted the message to be for one person and one person only, they would use an actual encryption scheme.


Emery wrote

I don't follow conspiracy theories. I have a life.

No offense.


Garbo OP wrote

None taken, I'm not into them all that much either. But for some reason, someone close to me has taken interest in this one.