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Blackbeard wrote

Wholly opposed to it when done to children or those otherwise unable to consent, beyond medical reasons. If you're an adult and want your penis to look a certain way, or you find you need to do it for medical reason, then by all means, do whatever you want with your body. Otherwise, it seems to stand to reason that the foreskin is there for a reason- if it was so detrimental to our health, I'm sure nature would have selected for people with limited/non-existent foreskin. As an uncut person, I would never want to be circumcised, so I'm thankful my parents didn't make that choice for me. For anybody who doesn't think it's child abuse, perhaps they have a different definition of abuse. I think that cutting off a part of somebody's body without their consent, and without anything to numb the pain, would constitute abuse, whether it's done for religious reasons or not. If we cut off the clitoral hood of females, I would certainly think that's wrong.