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amongstclouds wrote (edited )

Lack of consent = child abuse.

Am I calling these people child abusers? NO. But is cutting off a part of a child's body without their consent child abuse? I think so.


Dumai wrote (edited )

if you are calling it child abuse then it kind of does naturally follow that they're child abusers

but, for example, seeing as there are compelling medical reasons for the procedure in much of sub-saharan africa it feels a little bit tone-deaf to accuse parents of abuse for making the decision to lessen their child's chances of contracting hiv


amongstclouds wrote

Fair point. I still wish I would've had a choice in it. If I hadn't been circumcised I'd have more skin to work with when I finally get bottom surgery.


Dumai wrote

this isn't necessarily even an argument against opposing circumcision in the west i'm just a bit concerned about the use of language here


amongstclouds wrote

I totally understand and you're correct. Child abuse might not be the best term for it because there are many reasons for choosing to do this -- but I think that modern western countries have very little need for this procedure.