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Tequila_Wolf wrote

There's one recently-discovered (afaik) medical benefit - which is that it significantly makes it less likely that a person with the circumcision will get HIV from sex with people of some body types.

There are a few other potential medical gains, but this has probably never been the reason anyone has been circumcised as a child.


DissidentRage wrote

My understanding of it is that it's easier to get an infection when not cut but without wanting to look that up at work it makes sense to me that most of that can be curbed by just taking an extra measure to wash up when bathing.


Dumai wrote

i think one particularly horrid aspect of the medicalisation of circumcision, which is largely an american invention, is the association of uncircumcised penises with poor hygiene. something that kind of gets left unsaid in discussions of circumcision is that this literally functioned as classist and racist ideology by specifically excluding people too poor to have the kind of access to a doctor necessary for a medical circumcision