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drh1138 wrote

Imposing intellectual property, even along racial lines, is incompatible with leftist values and goals.


ziq OP wrote

Are you ok with Led Zeppelin lifting their songs from black artists? Or are only leftists allowed to do it?


Fossidarity wrote

I think artists using the songs from artists of minority groups isn't a bad thing. The Led Zeppelin example you are pointing out is bad because they didn't give proper credit to the original artists and made a huge profit from the songs. The problem is not a lack of enforced intellectual property but of not exposing the original source material.

I don't think this behavior should be punished in any way or form expect possibly socially by complaining a bit about because if you don't accept it one way it also won't work the other way; with intellectual property, like with all property, it's usually the minorities who come out of the situation worse.