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red_pepper wrote

If a pan looks clean after frying something, I'll just wipe it out instead of washing it.


leftous wrote

Probably being too lazy to heat stuff up, or use plates/utensils. I'll eat it cold and if necessary barehanded. Unless I need to cook, then I will be more civilized. :]


Infinity wrote

Wow, millennials are so lazy. They cook at home, unlike their parents which is why they are killing the restaurant chains. They don't have Mexican housekeepers to clean up after them. Because they have computers and actually have to type a lot they sometimes create shortcuts.

Oh, millennials. So fucking lazy.


ziq wrote

I do everything to avoid washing up, including using the same plate every time I eat and just putting it in the fridge when I'm done with it


An_Old_Big_Tree wrote (edited )

I don't know much about most lazy but I get take out a couple times a week when I can't bear to take the time to cook and clean up after. Saves me a huge amount of energy.

I know places that have weekly specials so I just jump on those depending on the day of the week. Or I walk to a nearby shop and just get a bag of fries to tide me over. I like going for walks.


GaldraChevaliere wrote

I regularly forget to fold laundry away and just leave out my outfits for the next week on the corner of my bed unless one of my partners is coming over. I got it from my much taller brother so it's honestly way too big for me alone, which at least means I'm not sleeping on top of them or anything.