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amongstclouds wrote

Leftbook. I think I'll just leave it at that. Lol.


Dumai wrote (edited )

what a surprise that people who get their politics exclusively from memes aren't very committed leftists


selver wrote (edited )

Snitches. People sending their friends & accomplices to prison.

Anarchists who embraced fascism.


Dumai wrote

a lot of revolutionary syndicalists were among some of the earliest converts to the italian fascist movement, including a few notable anarcho-syndicalist examples - in pointing that out i don't mean to dismiss syndicalism as a historically important proletarian tactic, especially as mussolini consolidated his power once he was in office by outlawing labour strikes, and especially as the USI was a major opponent of the fascist regime. but i've been meaning to look into the deeper reasons why italian fascism appealed to so many syndicalists because it's massively fucked up to be honest

of course if we're talking about former socialists who would go onto embrace fascism then mussolini is the prime example.


corvus wrote

Even Lenin criticized the Italian socialists for having lost Mussolini from the cause.


Dumai wrote

wouldn't really say its their fault unless we're assuming mussolini had no agency of his own


ziq wrote (edited )

It's easy for generic 'leftists' to not sell out because they don't really stand for anything in the first place. I guess they'd have to stop liking unions and free healthcare to sell out? With anarchists it's a lot easier because we reject all exploitation and hierarchy, so everyday we sell out our principles at least a little just to survive.


boringskip wrote

Jeff Monson was a UFC Heavyweight champion contender and an outspoken anarchist. Seems like he went full tankie, moved to Russia, and joined the Communist Party.