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AbbraKaDabbra wrote

Because the Media want to create a divide between people to drive views for profit and nothing gets more views that outrage. Outrage is click-bait and the more someone is triggered the more views they get hence the more advertisers get and people see the results. Cycle starts again.

This resonates and creates a feedback loop that we, "Everybody" buys into so we create a culture of exclusion because somebody thinks differently and we're all guilty, "Left and Right which is an illusion made to control us", so we then shit-post looking for ways to trigger people until we're taking psychotropic medication that has on the box "May experience violent outbursts" making big pharma money and helping the propaganda networks: "All news is propaganda and they get paid for by big pharma".

We used to be about freedom of choice and we have been tricked. Why are we the side pushing for policies, you do realize that the whole PC culture comes from Politically Correct. When did Liberal mean Politically Correct? Now we're pushing for policies to police language. Why? Shouldn't we rely on Liberal values of tolerance and acceptance? We used to be the Rock Stars and the just let them be crowd, now as soon as you open your mouth and the wrong word comes out everybody jumps down your throat and needs to tell you how you're wrong, it's making us into the dictators, the party poopers. <<< this will probably get this message flagged which would be ironic and sad but true which means that liberal values are dead.

We were the ones who celebrated great songs like "We Are The Champions", but all that we seem to value now is how much we've been hurt. I thought the nuggets of info behind the hard lessons was how we overcame the problem not how much the problem has destroyed us and we need pity. Something has happened and The news always seems to be leading this ALL THE NEWS <<< It's all the same cake, we're just getting different parts. It's time to boycott the news and stop being victims and be victors instead, no matter how much you try saying we are all equals, truth is that everyone is different and categorizing people pisses them off, it doesn't matter how and also diffuses heated arguments about inequality so that we can actually find a solution. We need to bridge the gap and prove that we're tolerant. Just saying it's so means nothing until we show it. <<< otherwise we look hypocritical

We should also be forgiving of who makes mistakes. I say stupid things all the time but now I'm afraid to speak just because I might say something now that will get me fired later on and that's a real problem. People make mistakes and they change their minds, why are we so unforgiving? Also when we are insulting people instead of the message that they are preaching by attacking their character, it shows that we really haven't done our homework and we're after them as a person and not their idea which could be destructive.

Also accepting violence as a means to an end means that we cross a line where it isn't politics anymore but straight out war. Why do we war? What happened? We are supposed to be the neo-hippies, now we're putting on masks and beating people up on the street. <<< This is why "The Left" is unpopular, we need to boycott the news, they are destroying us. They call themselves Liberal and they're just Propagandists and they're using us for their means.