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ziq wrote (edited )

Yeah, no. There's nothing unfair about excluding pedophiles. They're not oppressed in any way, shape or form. They're oppressors. Their entire identity is based around sexualizing children. I refuse to buy into the 'pedoing is a sexuality just like homosexuality!" narrative pedos peddle on reddit. It's not true.

Seriously, fuck anyone that identifies as a pedo and then complains about being excluded.

Also, talking out against pedo leftists got me stalked and doxxed on reddit and they started a malicious campaign to brand me as a pedo and email people I work with telling them I'm a pedo. All for daring to say that pedos are fucked. So double fuck them.


zorblax wrote

if someone close to you said they had dreams about raping children, how would you react?


ziq wrote

I'd ask them if they're a pedophile.