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GaldraChevaliere wrote

I feel like the Left in particular is needlessly hostile to religious folk, and something that alienates me in particular is the use of my Self against my Self, if that makes sense. I get really angry when transhumanists use me as a political piece against primitivists, or when religion as a whole is thrown by the wayside because all religion must be abrahamic and how could a pious trans person exist? It's a wild fucking ride to be called transphobic for not wanting the kind of massive world-spanning strip mines needed to give full body prosthetics and matrix uplinks to everyone, as if people like me would ever be able to afford these wonders in the first place. Fuck, I could barely afford the laptop I'm typing this on or the hormones coursing through my system.


Dumai wrote (edited )

also: it's fine to mock christians, most atheists kind of suck at it but i'm not going to get offended because i feel like we of all people should have thick skin. but pretty much any white atheist will have no idea to how make fun of islam, judaism, hinduism, sikhi, buddhism or what have you without being racist. they really need to stop trying.