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happy wrote

tbh your answer was low effort and condescending

You're not wrong, but thanks for the heated vocab in your first sentence.

Anything that creates social stratification is going to to create hierarchy, inevitably. This is a very common critique on various technologies. Am I for the abolishment of all forms of technology? Definitely not. Am I being critical of the technologies that are actively being created and maintained? Yes.

Proponents of capitalism argue that it gives possibilities to people and we both know how wrong that is in creating hierarchy. We currently have the choice to eschew technology but if someone wants to have a place in society they are coerced into using those technologies. Anarcho-transhumanism won't be any different. Just because it's under the guise of choice doesn't mean its actually free.

Being critical of technology is not actively choosing to letting people live with shit lifes. Anarchism should have absolute egalitarianism as a goal and creating technology that is going to create more social stratification is not egalitarian.


TheLegendaryBirdMonster wrote

but there are social stratification that cant be abolished such as sexual preference, biological sex, ects. Do you mean we should reduce the amount of them in order to concentrate on fighting the hieararchies that stem from unavoidable causes? sorry this sounds like a strawman it inst meant to be one. I dont really believe diversity is the cause of hiearchies but rather uneducation so it's hard to see your point.

we both know capitalism is a zero sum game and that the possibilities of the one come from the oppression of the other so its not quite the same definition of possibilities.

I dont really see the problem in using the same tools other people use in order to interact with them. If you dont want to use theire tools you just dont interact with them. As I'm talking about anarchism, non-teched-up could split and have theire own community.

yes we agree, but I dont think technology itself is inherently the cause of hiearachies.