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imnoturfriend OP wrote

Reply to comment by GaldraChevaliere in Hello by imnoturfriend

Another person wants to needlessly hate. Thanks for shitting on someone new. Obviously there will be no "we". You have no idea my age or maturity, or even attempt to know them. Your only post to me is to alienate me and gain "gold" from your fellow redditors for ostristicing someone you know nothing about. I offered no "backhand compliments" nor did I use the words "freethinker". I didn't ask for your trust. Your post is nothing more than buzzwords to get more upvotes. it's unsubstantial garbage words with no substance and no argument. If this community has any substance they should down vote you for you needless and hateful attack on someone who was honest. I don't have high expectations.


GaldraChevaliere wrote

"You probably won't like me because I think a bunch of anarchists shouldn't be an echo box. I live to challenge your thoughts. I can do it with respect and tact. I'm not here to troll you. If you say dumb things, I won't hesitate to call you on it. Please feel free to call me on my dumb. i can take it."

What would you like to clarify about this statement, if it is not a poorly thought out boast. You have said you can take it, but you are quickly proving otherwise.

"Your post is nothing more than buzzwords to get more upvotes. it's unsubstantial garbage words with no substance and no argument. If this community has any substance they should down vote you for you needless and hateful attack on someone who was honest. I don't have high expectations."

Would you in turn like to point out where I have used 'buzzwords', because all I can see that would be taken as such is potentially "fragile ego", which seems to piss off a very narrow group of people, that I personally couldn't care less about upsetting. You've also, again, missed the point that I am not we. If you think a person calling you out in a collective of equals for acting foolishly is a hateful attack, you're not someone I would feel remotely comfortable organizing with in any capacity. That's the kind of attitude that breaks a community, not strengthens it.

" I thought you created this place to Exodus reddit, yet so many posts here, reference reddit. I don't understand this. I hope as a community WE can work away from this. I'm here to learn. The only reason I'm posting today is to tell you I'm here, and defasher was a hero to me. I don't agree with his politics, or yours.That's a a conversation we can have later."

Why does post-punk as a genre still talk about the influence of Violent Femmes or The Ramones on Joy Division? One grew from another, to think that there's any kind of clean break would be to have a very limited understanding of how ideologies and subcultures evolve. From this, you mention a user that more than likely would balk at the idea of anyone calling him their hero, whose departure was a contentious subject as it is. You presume that anyone wants to have that conversation at all, and you use 'we' language describing a community that you have not invested time or labor into yet.


imnoturfriend OP wrote

What would you like to clarify about this statement? That you don't assume my position, it was made from a point of humility and why I asked to be called on my dumb. Your whole post beyond that is buzzwords and pusedointeluctual garbage. here's your post. "ingratiating and including yourself amongst a community you have not earned the trust of. You'll note that I used 'I' language because I signed on for similar reasons, because I was aggravated about the technofetishist brigades downvoting anyone who thought preserving nature or indigenous rights might have a higher revolutionary potential and priority than cyberware and space elevators. ingrating technofefetish brigardes indigenuiois revoultionary cyberware space elevator ingratiating post punk genre". I hope you get the idea from that, your needless verbage only precipitates your own "fragile ego" in the hopes that someone can't understand. You're endlessly attacking me, without knowing me, and it shows how fragile you are. "here let's attack someone needlessly because HE isn't US" and your words prove it over and over. Your transition into violent femmes only proves you are reaching for approval. You drop the argument and segway into meaningless marlarky to belay any point and score more upvotes.


GaldraChevaliere wrote

Whoowee. Let's break this word salad down before it rots any further.

1.) Your 'position' as outlined was that you hoped to 'challenge' our thinking, and that you would criticize others and hoped to be criticized in turn. You said that you could take it. So, I criticized you. I told you that you were being presumptuous and that attitude wouldn't win you respect.

  1. ) These aren't buzzwords, friend. These are words anyone even toe deep in anarchist theory is going to understand. Hell, these are words anyone fluent in english is going to understand. If it is your second language, I'm happy to rephrase it for you, but don't call buzzwords on something we already have established in the vocabulary. "BUH THEY USE BIG WORDS TO SOUND SMART" is the weakest of arguments. I'm using them because they describe what I'm trying to get across.

  2. ) I'm attacking you because you, again, asked for criticism. Hostility came when you, yourself, started behaving hostilely. "Talk shit, get hit" is the golden rule. Also, to repeat myself for probably the third time, I use I language to get across that I hold my opinions about your behavior, not our collective judgement. If nobody has challenged me on this so far, it's probably because they agree with my overall point. I've also been using 'they' in relation to you, because I'm not going to be an asshole and assume your identity beyond "know-it-all prick", though with all apologies to masc comrades in the thread, I'm not in the least surprised that you're a guy.

  3. ) Mentioning a band is a tactic to garner approval? I'm not even going to dignify this with a response.


imnoturfriend OP wrote

YOUR vs US yeah, I'm marking this up as don't care. You didn't like it when it was said, and have made a point of it, yet you're NOW going to use it. hypocrite. I'm done with you and this pointless argument. You're a horrible ambassador to this community.


GaldraChevaliere wrote

Voat's down the corner on your right past the first light, don't let the door hit you on the way out.


Clandestino wrote

I was bored of reddit so I came on here & saw your post, I made an account specifically so I could let you know that I’m laughing at you, have a nice rest of your weekend but times not real so maybe that’s misleading