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ziq wrote (edited )

Cucumber. Spiralled. But I guess that's a fruit. So sweet potatoes, sliced.


bromeo wrote

i especially like broccoli, cauliflower , brusselsprouts and carrots and beets, usually with some oil or lightly steamed or grilled crispy in the skillet and alliuma and sauerkraut


GaldraChevaliere wrote

I grew up on new england boiled dinners for holidays. Potatoes, carrots, turnips, cabbage, and whatever spare meat you've got go in a pot to stew with the bones for broth. Throw it on the stove on low and don't touch it until it's ready. Cheap, filling and lasts for days. If you want it vegan, you could probably sub in hard soya or something for the meat. Just make sure it's tough, everything melts apart by dinnertime. Colcannon's basically mashed potatoes, leeks and cabbage together in a skillet with butter or gravy, whatever you've got on hand.


red_pepper wrote

Onions. Fried, raw, pickled, grilled, roasted, it's all good. I add them to basically everything I make.


thelegendarybirdmonster wrote

olives. artisanal olive oil. It really has a different taste than regular store-bought olive oil.

Your username made me think of the vegan redditor who posts a lot of cute animal pictures/gifs. Here are some of his most recent ones of cute fishes. careful links are from imgur.


jaidedctrl wrote

I live, breathe, and eat potatoes <3

Raw or baked, I don't care!


RosaReborn wrote

Was never a huge fan but that was mostly due to how it was prepared. Growing up we only had basic eggplant dishes that were always dry and gross. Recently I learned from a friend to soak it in salted water for a while before cooking with oil in a pan. Huge difference. I eat it with some sweet tomato paste every week now.


raindropq wrote

brocolli and brussels-sprouts are great but Mustards and Kale are my staple-foods