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Jessica wrote

I dislike it because it's usually inauthentic, but sometimes it's not. I myself am a tourist on a Working Holiday Visa, though I spend most of my time studying the language, and shitposting on the internet. I should get off raddle after this.

Good tourism is:

1.Visiting historical places like Yellowstone park or the Hiroshima dome.

2.Interacting with locals while respecting them as people (treat them as you would people in your home city)

3.Learning about the local language, history, culture, and social issues.

4.Doing something to improve it, such as telling people about your own country (I'd say talking with an unusual person is mind-expanding) or region. Not all Americans or Germans or French are alike, so tell them about your particular region of the country. I'd be careful about activism because there may be some hot-button issues which you may stumble upon, and it seems inauthentic for a rich white person to complain about certain things.

Bad tourism is:

  1. Patronizing touristy venues, like hotels, resorts, cruise ships, gift shops, and TripAdvisor-rated restaurants. Or branded restaurants like McDonalds (unless they serve wine or something equally ridiculous)
  2. Leaving garbage anywhere, or not thinking about where waste goes.
  3. Not respecting people. This is such an obvious point but there are many many people who imagine that the tourist location is a far-away magic land where the rules of everyday life do not apply. It's an easy mental trap to get into. For instance Japan has set up a hotline for Japanese tourists who suffer from "Paris Syndrome," where they fall into depression because Paris isn't the magic land that they thought it was.