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Infinity wrote

My partner and I went to Italy many years ago. Because I'm an artist, I wanted to go to Venice. Now that I think about it I believe that he had his heart set on visiting Venice as well. I think someone told him that it was such a unique city, which it is...but When we got there we realized that It was like Disneyland or Las Vegas out there, and we ended up getting into a fight over something ridiculous. I don't remember what it was about, and rarely do we ever fight. The place we stayed at was the cheapest spot, but it was not cheap. I ended up getting bitten all over by fleas in the bed. So we couldn't wait to get out of there. The best part of that trip was when we had to sleep outside because we went to an obscure little village in Tuscany, and got there after 4 PM or on a weekend when everything was closed. We had to sleep outside, and then we ran out of food, and we found a wild fig tree and went forriaging for wild greens and figs. That was so much fun. It was many years ago, and we were actually "traveling" tourists then. We went on that trip to Italy with intention to see Italy, and we somewhat planned the sights we wanted to see. I can't imagine us going on a trip like that today. We went all over Europe traveling with our bags of fruit and picknicked everywhere. Both of us became more aware and better people through that experience.

Traveling is really good for your soul. It's a better education than school. Every time you go somewhere new, you learn how to be a better person because you see more of the world, and you learn how you want to be a better person and develop self-awareness.

Out of all my experiences, I think "traveling" is the only one that has made me feel "richer." It's right up there with LOVE as life experiences worth living for.

What do you all think about teaching English? Is that somehow unethical to you guys?

Also, can you define the kinds of travel that we feel are unethical and what is unethical about it? Is it different than the same kinds of things that are unethical regardless of where you are and things that you wouldn't participate it no matter where you're at? That is equally lame regardless of what geographical point you experience it in?