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Jessica wrote

My computer. It's pretty sad, but it's the terminal which allows me to access the greatest library in human history, and to argue with people who I don't know over the internet. Still though it's only about 400$ worth in value.

Actually I value more my relationships with other people. They don't have monetary value but when we meet each other, it is worth more than money.


RosaReborn wrote

My plants are about the only things I have that I truly treasure but even most of those are replaceable if need be. I move too often to have things that I can't replace


jadedctrl wrote (edited )

A possesion? I think about this a lot, actually. I keep a bag ready for the things I'd really need if I had to bolt or something. But the main one is my laptop. It's crappy-- from 2007, Intel Atom, it strains to run even a lightweight web-browser-- but it'd let me work on the things and talk with people I care about. So, basically ditto /u/Jessica.


dele_ted wrote

A very good friend of mine made me a ring of silver. Handmade from the bottom up. I prize that very highly.

Next comes my computer, and perhaps cello. I generally don't prize possesions very highly, but i do crave possesion of things, although i don't like it. As P. M. said, "needs are needs, even if they're needs fabricated by capitalism".


bromeo wrote

i'm fond of my hands and feet, though they wouldn't be much good without a heart and brain, and a spine to connect it all. my face is pretty nice but my gut feels compromised . lungs are helpful. also my spirituality/religion or practical relationship between desire, ethos and habit is very important, as expressed through magic i feel.


ladyanarchist wrote

My camera and this photograph I took (and developed in a darkroom) of my grandmother 16 years ago. She passed this last summer and suddenly everything she ever touched has started to mean so much more.