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Infinity wrote

I grew up on rice and beans, and bean sandwiches before we got on the school lunch plan. I don't understand why all poor American families don't do the same. I did grow up in a predominantly white area, and the kids always made fun of what we were eating. What is cheaper to eat than beans, rice, and tortillas? Usually, we got bread from the hostess store. I'm not sure if those still exist. You could get five breads for a dollar. My parents taught me how to be a frugal consumer as well as how to stretch a dollar.

I imagine that most of us on raddle grew up at least somewhere in the middle class if I'm assuming people are my age. I think that because by posting on this forum we are experiencing higher level thought process in the hierarchy of needs. We aren't in basic survival mode. We are thinking of the world outside of ourselves while focusing on solutions which we fill will contribute to making the world a better place.