Do you "wear your beliefs"?

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Do you wear symbolic colors, symbols or similar? If not, how do you feel about those that do?

(and a fitting bonus question - do you think calling yourself an anarchist alienate people?)



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Random_Revolutionary wrote vegan propaganda sweater. It's cool af and I get quite a few qustions so it kinda works. It's my selfgifted veganniversary present.

I'd like to paint my bag red&black to get a minimalist ancom flag on it, so other anarchists recognise it but non-anarchists dont.

The other day I told my grandma I was anarchist and she said it wasnt good and that they were people that put bombs evrywhere and wanted chaos. Luckily I can't alienate my grandma.


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boringskip wrote

good point, i had an ak press bag that only the right people would notice, and they did


dele_ted OP wrote

I have an olive green pilot jacket that I've sewn anarcho-syndicalist patches onto, painted with red and black and put on some buttons with the old circle A's and mutual aid symbols. I wear it about once a week.

Other than that, i don't wear any obvious symbols. I do have some red paint that works well on imitation leather, that I've painted on my pair of black boots and a black jacket, that only other radicals will think twice about.

The black and red colors have resulted in all kinds of people wanting to discuss rad stuff, which is pretty neat.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

Clothes are complicated.

I don't really have money time or energy to seek out or make ones I want.

Also there's no nonbinary section in stores.

I'd probably do more if it were easier.

My queerness is generally signalled by how I look, so that does some work. Whether I'd put overt symbols on myself would be up to whim, but I wouldn't want to make a habit out of it.

I don't have any feelings about how other people decide to dress themselves.

I call myself an anarchist often, because it's one of the easiest ways get anything resembling interesting conversation from people. I'm sure it alienates people, but for those it doesn't, and those are the people worth the time in the first place, it's worthwhile.


Cosmicsloth42 wrote

No, while my political beliefs are very important to me but I don't feel like making them open to everyone. Don't get me wrong, I will stand by what I believe but for most parts of the day I really don't want to start a debate with someone.

Plus you guys don't want me debating for you. There was a reason I never won in debate.


braketheboxes wrote

Personally no. I'm aware of the surveillance state apparatus and what happens to those on the left. I find being able to blend in has its advantages. I do my best to avoid being a walking billboard for corporations and shop ethically.

I don't have belief in anything, something is either a fact of it is not. Beliefs will prevent me from a clear perspective as it stake an identity to the outcome. "I must feel a certain way".

It is a fact that capitalism and neo liberalism does not work for the majority of the planet. So there is no belief needed. I would not want my own life taken therefore I do not take animals lives or support it, I do not want to be told what to do therefore I do not tell others what to do and so on.

People often associate their ideas with themselves and take it personal if the idea is critiqued which prevents dialogue about the issue in question. Trying to force change upon someone will only cause conflict. People have to want to change themselves.

I focus on bringing about change in myself and helping others if they desire. I have found this way it comes up naturally in conversation and I can mention things rather than preach.

If I find someone who does not want to hear it, I stop talking or change the subject. Can't win them all.


Bitterroot wrote

I have a bunch of pins on my backpack, also an AK press beanie. 99% of the time people just ask me if I'm from Alaska though.


leftous wrote

I wear my beliefs in the sense I try to avoid corporate logos, and do my best to seek out more ethical alternatives (although these can sometimes be unaffordable :/ ). Besides that, I like to support some up and coming or underground artists by buying a hat or shirt, which I'll wear on occasion.


Jessica wrote

I'm in Japan and don't speak the language so I need something that would cross the culture gap.


ziq wrote

I wear the same thing everyday. Cargo trousers and a black or grey tshirt.


infinitesunrise wrote (edited )

Yeah, I have a few shirts I had custom printed with anarchist stuff that most people wouldn't pick up on unless they already knew what it was or I explained it to them. Usually they were memes I came across online that I decided I wanted to human-billboard and adapted for clothes. I don't wear 'the colors' although I do wear a disproportionate amount of black - But that's probably just because I'm a New Yorker. Everybody here wears a shit ton of black. I also like rip out embroidered logos because my clothes are mine, not some corporation's.


liberal_one wrote (edited )

I have a sticker on my car that says "25". At the time I thought the 25th amendment solution to Donald Trump would be a thing. Never took off.


Dumai wrote

considering you'd have to convince mike pence to betray trump for that to pan out i'm not surprised


liberal_one wrote

August 2017 was a crazy time.


Dumai wrote

must've been if apparently american liberals briefly became convinced it would be a good idea to make mike pence president


Xylanthius wrote

I saw someone at the gym with a Nazi tattoo.


SouthsideGrackles wrote

I never have because it always made me feel like I was wearing an anarchi-uniform.

I'm real open that I'm an anarchist though, and people in my family, work and life are all very accepting of it. But I've always been something of an eccentric, so I think people are just like, well, that's grackles for ya.


ladyanarchist wrote (edited )

Sometimes, I wear a shirt that says "Free Palestine" and a kuffiyeh I purchased from a women's coop in Hebron ( I also have a Black Lives Matter pin on my bag.
Other than that I dress myself and my child in clothing without logos and mostly second-hand.