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braketheboxes wrote

Personally no. I'm aware of the surveillance state apparatus and what happens to those on the left. I find being able to blend in has its advantages. I do my best to avoid being a walking billboard for corporations and shop ethically.

I don't have belief in anything, something is either a fact of it is not. Beliefs will prevent me from a clear perspective as it stake an identity to the outcome. "I must feel a certain way".

It is a fact that capitalism and neo liberalism does not work for the majority of the planet. So there is no belief needed. I would not want my own life taken therefore I do not take animals lives or support it, I do not want to be told what to do therefore I do not tell others what to do and so on.

People often associate their ideas with themselves and take it personal if the idea is critiqued which prevents dialogue about the issue in question. Trying to force change upon someone will only cause conflict. People have to want to change themselves.

I focus on bringing about change in myself and helping others if they desire. I have found this way it comes up naturally in conversation and I can mention things rather than preach.

If I find someone who does not want to hear it, I stop talking or change the subject. Can't win them all.