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selver wrote (edited )

I have a Contrapoints "Eat the Rich" shirt, a Pat the Bunny shirt with a circle A on it, a "God Hates Cops" button for my backpack, and a few random shirts I made for actions.

That's it really, mostly I dress like your average white dude. But why not throw out a signal flare for other radicals sometimes? Also I like annoying people so I like the idea of some conservative on a bus getting all worked up over these damn kids and their lack of respect for the police.

edit: And what about you dellitsni?


boringskip wrote

good point, i had an ak press bag that only the right people would notice, and they did


dele_ted OP wrote

I have an olive green pilot jacket that I've sewn anarcho-syndicalist patches onto, painted with red and black and put on some buttons with the old circle A's and mutual aid symbols. I wear it about once a week.

Other than that, i don't wear any obvious symbols. I do have some red paint that works well on imitation leather, that I've painted on my pair of black boots and a black jacket, that only other radicals will think twice about.

The black and red colors have resulted in all kinds of people wanting to discuss rad stuff, which is pretty neat.